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My name is Shannon Wirkler! I am a twenty-year-old graphic designer and illustrator from Iowa. I have a strong passion for art and home decor. I have always had a passion for creating art, sewing, and crafting.

My Story

I'm finally doing it. I'm opening my own online shop! I have been wanting to open my own online shop for the last four years and I'm finally doing it. I hope this is the start of something great. But for now, I will have lots of fun making designs, products, and building a brand I love.


After working many different jobs I feel I have picked up enough skills and business knowledge to start my own adventure. I have worked many jobs starting at the age of thirteen I got my first "real job" at a local diner as a waitress. In the last eight years, I have worked up quite a resume. I have gained eight years of customer service, one and half years of illustrator work, one year of social media managing, and one plus year of graphic design work. I am currently working as a graphic designer at the age of twenty-one years old still studying to get a bachelor's in graphic design.


I am very excited to use my skills to make and sell items I am proud of and love. This brand S&I is for me to show my love of home decor and art/Illustration with the items I make. My goal with the S&I brand is to have little to no waste as possible. I will be hand making most items with most materials being of ethical brands that use recycled materials and some products will be upcycled items I find and give some TLC and or a design change.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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